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The Performing Arts

From Pre-Prep to Year 6, Ipswich Junior Grammar students are immersed in the Performing Arts through a variety of annual performance programs, competitions, events and workshops including Wakakirri, National Arts Education Week, Harmony Day, Junior Grammar Performing Arts Showcase, Presentation Night and much more. Each Performing Arts Program is carefully created to support students in their development of creativity, self-discipline, resilience and confidence.

Our Music Program offers weekly lessons where students are challenged to explore, respond, and create music in a safe and supported environment. Our students’ musical knowledge is further extended in Years 3 to 6 through our Instrumental Curriculum Program which gives our boys and girls the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments including:

  • Year 3 Strings
  • Year 4 Keyboard
  • Year 5 Band (Woodwind, Brass, Percussion)
  • Year 6 Digital Music


Our Curriculum Dance Program is offered to students in Prep to Year 2 and allows students to participate in weekly dance lessons taught by our qualified dance teachers. Our dance units are created to not only support the physical, emotional, linguistic, social, and mental aspects of development, but also give students the opportunity to explore areas that they wouldn’t experience in a normal classroom setting.

Ipswich Junior Grammar School also offers a Curriculum Drama Program to students in Years 3 to 6 inside our large Performing Arts space that doubles as a theatre, auditorium and drama studio. Here students are encouraged to explore their imagination, think independently and express emotions. Our Drama units are fun, modern and engaging and allows students to gain experience in the following disciplines:

  • Year 3 – Reader Theatre
  • Year 4 – Mime
  • Year 5 – Puppetry
  • Year 6 – Musicals (combined Drama/Music Unit)


Here at Junior Grammar, we place high value on all of our Performing Arts subjects and continually strive to ensure our programs keep our students engaged, challenged and inspired. Here at Junior Grammar, your child is at the heart of everything we do.