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Ipswich Junior Grammar School has a long tradition of sporting success and providing pathways for students to realise their potential at all levels of participation.

Our sports program is designed to provide opportunities to grow and develop positive, lifelong habits. Qualities of commitment, teamwork and socialisation are encouraged through the enjoyment of being involved.

Being competitive, performing at our best and a “never give up” attitude is key to being successful in life and while winning in sport is the goal, more importance is placed on how we play the game. It is important to be humble in winning and gracious in defeat. Participation and the pathway to get there are the reward.

Our sport program is aligned with the physical education program, which provides students with the opportunity to learn about the importance of fitness and skill development through participation in a variety of sports across the junior years.

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Sporting Associations

A key focus of the sports program at Junior Grammar is to provide an opportunity for boys and girls who have talent and ambition in a particular sport, to pursue representative pathways.

We are member schools of the Andrews Cup and Britton Shield Sports Associations. Both associations provide interschool competition for students in Years 2 to 6 in both individual and team sports throughout the school year.

Andrews Cup is the premier girls sporting association offering students in Years 2 to 6 the opportunity to represent their school in the core sports of swimming, cross country and athletics. All other sports offered through the Andrews Cup Association are for girls in Years 4 to 6.

The Britton Shield is a newly established boys sporting association for students in Years 2 to 6. The Britton Shield has five member schools; Ipswich Junior Grammar, Clayfield College, Ambrose Treacy College, Moreton Bay Boys College and St Peters College Indooroopilly. The boys represent Junior Grammar in touch football, cross country, football (soccer) and cricket.

Representative Sports

Students are encouraged to work towards selection in representative school sport. Junior Grammar is a member of the Central Comets District Sports Association. The first step in representative sports is being selected to a Central Comet District team. Talented athletes then progress by representing the Met West Region at State Championship. Students can represent their district and region in numerous sports across the year.

Midweek, Afternoon Sport and Activities Program

On Friday afternoons, students in Years 3 to 6 participate in organised sport on our School grounds. Activities are conducted by our Physical Education staff with the assistance of sport specific coaches.

Prep, Year 1 and 2 students participate in activities-based programs. The activities change each term, providing students with the opportunity to develop new skills and interests across a wide variety of areas.

Throughout the year, the Physical Education Department organises sport specific gala days and events for Junior Grammar students allowing students to further develop their skills and practice in a fun and innovative way. Junior Grammar has a close working relationship with many sporting bodies across south east Queensland and utilises the experience and knowledge within these organisations to further develop our sporting programs.

Local sporting clubs are invited to come to our school and work alongside our staff to provide skill clinics and development days for our students. Football, AFL, Cricket, Tennis, Netball, NRL and Athletics are some of the sporting organisations that visit the School throughout the year.