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Student Wellbeing


At Junior Grammar we know a caring and stimulating environment enhances a student’s efforts to do their best, whatever their age, stage or ability.

That is why Junior Grammar staff includes highly qualified classroom teachers, specialist teachers, a professional counsellor and registered nurses who understand the developmental needs of our young children.

Our staff work as a team to nurture your child’s special talents and support their challenges and individual circumstances.

The one-on-one relationship between our class teachers and their students, along with smaller class sizes, ensures all our boys and girls get the care and attention they deserve. As a result, our students are happy, positive children who feel like they belong.

Our youngest learners are allocated a ‘Big Buddy’ from an older Junior Grammar year level to welcome and look out for them. Our older students look after our younger students, initiating opportunities to care for others in line with our School values.

Should your child become ill, hurt or upset we have a full-time, registered nurse on hand in our comprehensive Health Centre. Our nurses also take an active role in teaching the children about hygiene and other health related issues.

The School may liaise with other specialists, for example paediatricians, occupational therapists and speech pathologists to support individual students should the need arise.