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Co-Curricular at IJGS

At Junior Grammar we know all boys and girls have special talents and we give our students every opportunity to discover them both in and out of the classroom.

From netball to robotics, soccer to violin, Junior Grammar’s co-curricular activities play an important role in your child’s all-round education. Our comprehensive program has long been recognised as a way for our students to discover talents and abilities, nurture relationships and develop leadership, social and organisational skills in a safe and caring environment.

Most importantly, our boys and girls learn to compete and value the ideals of good sportsmanship.

We offer a vast selection of co-curricular experiences to complement your child’s rigorous academic curriculum. Participation is voluntary, however we actively encourage the exploration of sporting, academic, arts-based and community service activities – both team and individual, competitive and non-competitive.

Our activities are well supervised and make use of our state-of-the-art facilities and extensive resources. There is no need for parents to transport children to different locations or seek out coaches and tutors.

Many of our co-curricular activities are offered at no extra cost. For ease, those that do incur charges, such as private tutelage and coaching, may be charged to your Junior Grammar account.

The School also runs late buses, departing at 4.30pm, for students involved in after-school activities.

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Community Service

Service to the community provides Junior Grammar boys and girls the opportunity to connect with the world around them and learn social awareness, compassion and gratitude while having fun and supporting each other.

The Arts

Junior Grammar boys and girls are encouraged to take their creativity beyond the classroom. Our students develop confidence, performance skills and the value of commitment through the artistic opportunities available to them.


We offer a range of academic and intellectual co-curricular activities designed to enhance your child’s ability to think critically and creatively and encourage their confidence and self-expression.


Our Junior Grammar boys and girls lead fun and active lifestyles through participation in team sports, which teach students about commitment and how to work together, and individual sports, which develop confidence and resilience.