My Grammar

Natural Playspaces


The quality of life in a school is much enhanced when an abundance of usable outdoor space is present. The variety can add to the aesthetic appeal of places, enhanced as environmental conditions change with the seasons. —Wells and Evans, 2003

Ipswich Junior Grammar School’s air-conditioned classrooms look out over our open and natural playspaces.

Every centre has their own dedicated placespace where our boys and girls create, imagine, discover, wander, run, jump and interact with each other and nature.

Our Junior Grammar rainforest features a boardwalk, frog pond, raised canopy, totem pole, scramble net, trees, plants, rocks and large expanses of lush, green grass.

Our playgrounds build individual and interpersonal skills. Natural playspaces extend these abilities by offering our students more opportunities to explore and discover. In them, our boys and girls disengage with the technologies that infiltrate our modern lifestyles and connect with the outside world.

The variety of outdoor spaces also allows Junior Grammar teachers to take the classroom outside for scientific exploration, literacy stimulus and physical activity to improve mental focus, with drama performances also popular in the outdoor Junior Grammar amphitheatre.