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Principal’s Welcome

It is a privilege for me to join the Ipswich Junior Grammar community. The devoted, caring teachers at Junior Grammar have been providing exceptional learning experiences to boys and girls for over two decades.

Ipswich Junior Grammar School is the only co-educational Grammar primary school in south-east Queensland. Our aim is to provide a learning environment that is both rich and challenging, one that encourages curiosity while nurturing our students to become future leaders. We seek to build a culture where learning is held in high regard and attitude and effort are rewarded.

During the formative years, when children are developing essential life skills and building an emotional, physical and social foundation, we strongly believe in the virtues of co-education.

Our mission is to excel at providing each boy and girl with a positive, personalised, holistic education in a safe, first-class learning environment. We encourage our students to learn about the world with curiosity, to invent and create, and to acquire skills to adapt to their changing environment.

Playing together, learning together, and growing together is a priority at Junior Grammar.

This is an exciting time to be considering a Junior Grammar education for your child. The School’s culture is inclusive, innovative and our caring and professional staff foster a positive learning environment for our boys and girls.

We invite you to experience the vibrancy of our staff, our community, and our students first-hand at our annual Open Day, Discovery Tours, or by appointment.

I look forward to showing you our School – a community of which we are very proud.

Dr Marie Perry
D.Ed; MEd; B.ED; Ad. Cert. HRD; Dip Man.


Head of Junior School

Welcome to Ipswich Junior Grammar School!

Our school offers a learning environment characterised by high expectations, quality, innovation and diversity, positivity, care and compassion, and personalised education programs. These characteristics of learning begin in our Early Education Centre (Kindergarten and Pre-Prep), and continue through to our Brockwell Gill Foundation Centre (Prep and Year 1) and Mavis Parkinson Junior School Centre (Years 2 to 6).

The quality education at Ipswich Junior Grammar School is a network of partnerships.  These partnerships work in harmony to achieve the best possible learning and personal outcomes for all students. We foster positive relationships between: our school and our parents; our staff and our students; our staff collectively; and between the students themselves. These positive partnerships are developed through open and transparent lines of communication, shared goals, respect and trust.

Our focus is on all-round educational excellence and nurturing of confident, well-educated boys and girls. At Ipswich Junior Grammar School our focus on the holistic development of the children is based on a deep knowledge and respect of each and every child. As educators, we foster the realisation of each student’s own potential by posing challenges that are relevant to their personal growth and improvement, thereby preparing our students not only for their education in secondary school, but for their forever journey as lifelong learners.

Ipswich Junior Grammar aims to embed a love of learning alongside a distinctive set of Grammar values that will guide our students to become the very best version of themselves.

At our School, children get more attention in every lesson, every day. Every boy and girl has an Individual Academic Learning Plan that meets his or her social, emotional and academic needs. This plan is consistently monitored to build on their strengths and support their challenges to ensure they are making positive progress and we are developing the whole child. While our teachers know the curriculum, they are committed to teaching the child.

As teachers we guide our students to feel good about themselves as learners, and as people.

It is our desire that Junior Grammar students are happy to come to school; happy while they are at school; and happy when they leave school each day’… and… they are! Our students are highly engaged and want to come and learn each and every day. They enjoy discovering their world with explicit and directed learning; through guided inquiry projects; and child directed individual goal setting that develops their ability to think creatively, solve problems, act independently and communicate their ideas effectively.

Opportunities abound for the children to enhance and showcase their special abilities in sports, the Arts, intellectual pursuits and community service projects. Our students are 21st century learners, with an emphasis on being ‘global thinkers’, with learning in Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics, both in the classroom and our dedicated Bright Sparks E-STEAM workshop. Ipswich Junior Grammar students use the latest technology, with classroom sets of iPads, laptops, an extensive range of digital resources and our 1:1 laptop program from Year 4.

Junior Grammar’s spacious, air-conditioned classrooms are located in beautifully landscaped grounds with open natural play spaces and a rainforest walk with boardwalk, rockeries and frog pond.

Our boys and girls have access to first-class facilities throughout the wider School campus including a dedicated library, gymnasium and pool, fitness centre and human movements laboratory, state-of-the-art science laboratories and Health Centre staffed by a registered nurse.

At Ipswich Junior Grammar we are a happy, friendly school with a warm and welcoming community. We are a family.

I warmly invite you to visit Junior Grammar and see for yourself why we are so proud of our students and our School.

I look forward to meeting you, and welcoming you to our Junior Grammar family.

Mrs Nicolee Eiby
Head of Junior School

GradDipEdAdmin; BTEarlyChild